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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wake Up Call

Today is my birthday and it's no different than any other day.  I did not feel an ounce lighter and my breath still stink when I woke up. My morning routine involves waking up 10 minutes before Keke to brush teeth, wash face and change clothes. Then my day officially starts by waking the sleepy head Keke, whispering "It's time to go to school." and changing diaper all the while he is still a knock out. As so I thought,  but today is indeed a little different.

Thanks to Vincent, my first birthday present was an iHome which was a docking station for my iPod and also an alarm clock. He set up my alarm as radio and surely and faithfully, the sound of radio has been playing at 7:45am in the past week. This morning when the radio came out, I instinctively hit the snooze button to sleep for another precious 5 minutes. When it came out again, I heard the radio host saying they were giving away various tickets at a Rite Aid and the cross streets were on my way to drop Keke off at school.  They said the guy will leave in half an hour.  I shook Vincent and said "Did you hear that?" Vincent looked at me very puzzled but I cared less. My motorized hand quickly put in action to brush teeth and I headed out the door within 5 minutes.  When I arrived to Rite Aid, nobody was there and I knew immediately something was wrong.  I asked the cashier if she knew about the tickets give away.  She had no idea but said there was another Rite Aid with the same cross streets about 10 minutes away.  I asked the direction and drove there.  This time I saw a booth and around 30 people gathered.  Turned out that it's a drawing and I was the last one to put my name in before they closed.  There were tickets to San Diego Zoo, Orchestra, movie screening tickets and Beauty and the Beast.  The host picked out the papers and called the names one by one.  Then I heard my name "Summer".  I went up and the best option was movie tickets.  I claimed 4 movie screening tickets which will open in theaters in a few days.

A pleasant surprise on a birthday morning. If you cannot reach me tomorrow at 7:30pm, you know where I am. :)

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