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Monday, March 19, 2012

Life Goes On

Today is my birthday. Having lived for X years on earth, rather than making this a big day for me, I came to appreciate my parent's love as it took them tremendous patience, love and endurance to raise me up all these years.

My parents have always been very supportive the way I am and I've heard countless people expressed how lucky I am to have such a wonderful dad since young. Now that it's my turn to be a parent....sigh... Although Keke definitely gives me dibs on some precious moments, like how he comes and kisses me when I pretend to cry, he nevertheless can alternate between angel and devil (disguised by his cutest grin) in a matter of seconds. What goes around does come around.

On the other hand, I came to think of my heavenly Father. Why did He choose me to be His daughter? Why would Jesus came to die on the cross for me? Why me? Nailing MY sin on the cross so that I can be called righteous in God's sight. That's nothing I can ever work for to get this but just believe. What a deal!! God's love never ceases to amaze me.

In recent months, I don't know why I have this image in mind that God is angry with me all the time, reason is that I am not ____enough, or I am too_____, and He is out and about to punish me one way or another. In this coming year, I hope to embrace God's love AS IS, that nothing I can ever do to earn or change His love for me.

Today's Footprint:

Here's a song for all of my blog "followers" and to my dear sister Winsy.
One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture.