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Monday, July 15, 2013


With Keke's new found ability to ride his tricycle comes the constant request of riding it to the local park.  Looking from the back of Vincent and Keke walking side by side, it gave me visceral emotions of how Keke has grown from a sitter, to a crawler, then a runner, now a rider. It’s funny how the perception of time differs with the two of them. When I look at Keke, it feels that the two years passed by in a nick of time. However, when I turn to Kylie, suddenly everything seems to be in slow motion and what? She is not even one? When will she be able to talk? Play catch with her brother, and usher her first word of “mama”? 

Anyways, when we went to the park, Keke quickly got himself acquainted with a buddy about two to three years older than him.  They followed and chased each other in the park like rats running in a cage.  Kids just have bottomless energy. The only thing that’s missing was a spinning wheel.  Then Keke went up the playground structure and about to pop his legs and slide down.  But down the slide was his buddy climbing up from the bottom.  A stern tone from behind yelled “Bad choice, think again!”  This little boy looked at his mom and slowly climbed back down the slide. As opposed to telling a child yes or no, allow space for independent thinking and culture own choice making are more effective ways of parenting in my opinion. 

In the past, there were certainly times I stumbled out of the gate and suffered the consequence, but only in retrospect do I learn to make more wise decisions and be a better parent today. If mistakes and bad choices are prelude to self-realization and growth, it’s a path I am willing to take.

Summer’s Footprint

My dearest son and daughter, 

It’s not your achievement that makes me proud. But how you own your mistakes when you fall, wipe your tears knowing that you are loved regardless, and get back up with your head held high.      
Love always,

Keke's first day of riding his bike.