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Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Pick-Up Lines by Guys

The other day I came across a website that list what considered as the best pick-up lines by guys. (Now you know where my time is wasted on) Some examples are: 

When God said, “Let there be woman,” he created you.
Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
You don’t need car keys to drive me crazy.
Don’t stop! I don’t usually get to see beauty in motion.

I wonder how many dudes out there really put the effort to find the best pick up lines in order to make an impression on women. For a moment, I was trying to imagine if a guy said one of those lines to me whether I would feel.....serenaded? What a sexy word! For me, words only count 20% at most, who says them and at what life stage are more imperative. For someone whom I have no connection with, loving words are absolutely set at naught. But the whole scenario will flip around if these words are from a loved one, I may ride an elevated sugar high.  Conversely, if these same words are from someone I've known so long and very familiar with his every nuance, AKA my husband, I would say "Did you eat something wrong today?"

Chemistry of love can be bewildering at times. Somehow it reminds me of this SNL skit from Amy Poehler "I am no Angel". Valentine's day is around the corner. Do you have a plan to serenade your loved one? 

Today's Footprint

Today's footprint is indeed related to foot- sports shoes specifically designed for pregnant women. A one-handed fitting shoes with strap that can expand in length and height. It's about $80 a pair, set to debut next month. Don't know if it would have fit me as I went from size 7.5 to10 when I was pregnant and now I came back at size 8.

shoes designed for pregnant women



Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaching $$$

As the new year rolls, here's to the first check off to my list of things to try- venturing the world of selling on ebay . I am sure I am such a huge dork to abundant geeks out there, but I like trying out new things and that's what I'm gonner do.

What happen was I got this mini bluetooth keypad with a few other electronics from a friend of mine when I went to Hong Kong the past October. They had been sitting on my kitchen counter since I came back and bubbling "Sell me, sell me!". Finally last month, I dreaded my camera to take pictures and list them on ebay. Other competitors set the price of this exact mini bluetooth keypad at around $16. Since I have zero selling history with zero seller reviews, I only set the price at $5 with a $5 shipping cost to the buyers for a 3 days bid. Three days later, Wah Wah Wah (music from Debbie Downer), 0 bid and NOT sold. Who said selling on ebay is easy? They are wrong!  Two weeks ago, I decided to re-list the keyboard at $9.99 free shipping. At the end of the 3rd day, the item was  ......     SOLD! Thanks to the power of free shipping and the one cent difference, the selling price was $10.99 with 4 bids, making a profit of....... drum-roll...... $0.69. How come people bid junks from ebay when I watched Jay Leno sold or not sold segment and mine was a pitiful $1 above the asking price? Didn't get it at all. Anyhow, I went to USPS to mail the keyboard the following day and luckily, there was no line.  Albeit the trouble, I was pleased that I sold a product on ebay and the only thing left was a positive review from my buyer to built credibility. Yeah! Good times.

Then a week later, my mailbox came a very familiar sight. The mini keyboard package came haunting back! What?! Apparently, the buyer did not provide a full address and it bounced back.  I contacted the buyer to sent me a full address so that I can repeat the whole darn shipping process. Now that my shipping cost doubled at $9.60, together with the listing cost of $1.30 that I needed to pay ebay, I ended up losing $4.20. 

Although this ebay selling is destined for oblivion when I set the bidding price too low, I consider this as lesson fee required for my first selling experience. As with anything- it comes with a cost.  And that's, my two cents of the day. Kaching Kaching!

Summer Footprint

Today marks the first day of Chinese New Year and this is a year of dragon. May all of you enjoy good wealth as well as good health.

Panda express is giving away free firecracker chicken breast with no purchase necessary as celebration of the Chinese New Year. Enjoy.

Panda Express Free Firecracker Chicken Breast Coupon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupy Movement

A few days ago I drove by Irvine City Hall and found maybe 10-20 campers with camping tents and signs on the lawn outside . Didn't have a clear view on what they were protesting and then today when I drove by again all the tents were nowhere to be seen. While I am not keen to specific social issue, this occupy movement is never the less becoming an international phenomenon.

Recently I was planning a local camping trip for this coming summer since I was thinking Keke (my son) will be close to 2 by then and should be able to follow simple instructions. Some hot camping spots need to be reserved more than a few months in advance. In order to express my frustration of sleep deprivation on top of my low metabolism rate which gives me eye sore every time I step on the scale, why not occupy one of the tent sites, post a sign about my dissatisfaction and simply- wait for eviction? I think this may work.

On the other hand, I don't need to think too far. My own living room is currently being occupied by my 15 months old 24/7. Although Keke's vocabulary is limited, his protest is loud and VERY much effective. With his Lightning McQueen ball pit tent, the toys that I inevitably trip over the Nth times, the jail locked fence, not to mention the all time household baby product-alphabet/number foam mat, Keke just brought this occupy movement to a whole new level!

Today's footprint:
Cleaning Bottle Warmer with Lemon:
Bottle warmer is easily filled with copper stains from the constant boiling and the stains are no fun to clean. But after soaking lemon juice+ 1 cup of water overnight, the stains are gone in just a few rubs. Also, it gets rid of the smell of copper and replaced by a scent of refreshing lemon when heating up a bottle. This method also works with hot water dispenser to get rid of the mineral crystal along the wall. Lemon, makes a happy mom :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Love of My Car-Volkswagen Minivan

Since young (not too long ago, folks), Volkswagen minivan has been my dream car. Its retro style accompanied by the cute chubby cheek front is like a clueless cartoon car running on the road. A van with curtains and table and people can sit around to play cards! Who can top that? It would put its potential to full use if I give birth to half a dozen live born, throw them in and leave them smacking each others' heads off.

Kidding aside, from where I came, Hong Kong, I don't recall ever seeing such a cute Volkswagen minivan on the street.  However, I am used to riding this kind of van along a mountain curve to my elementary school.

These minivans are one of the public transportation in Hong Kong. There are red ones and green ones and they cover different areas. Some drivers could be quite reckless and the school ride was more like a roller coaster ride to me. Once in a while, to avoid being thrown off the seat, I needed to hold on to the rail and/or the person next to me, with my ever powerful tiger grip. Roar ))))))))

Today's Footprint
vw says new microbus back on design table
Hong Kong Transportation-Bus and Minibus