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Monday, February 25, 2013

Soundtrack of Life

When I was around 10 years old,  I had a few years of piano training in Hong Kong, nothing fancy, but good enough to play a few simple songs.  I was not an eager piano learner at all.  I could still remember coming out crying from many piano lessons because I did not practice during the week.  Eventually, I quited and was very happy about my decision.

Then when I was in college I rented a piano and took some lessons for a few months. I played here and there all along until few weeks ago, I started browsing Craigslist to see if I can find a cheap pre-owned piano. Reason is that it's not easy to get out of the house taking two children at times, music will provide a convenient avenue for me to get my brain off the mundane routine of a full time mom. Also, it's my hope that Keke and Kylie will learn piano or any instrument as they grow up.  A few email exchanges took place and I was actually close to driving down to the seller's house to check out the condition of the piano.  But when Vincent saw the picture of it, he despised the look.  To be honest, it was a pretty ugly piano from the 60s, selling as an "antique". But hey, what do you expect for a $750 piano?  Vincent decided to get a pre-owned one from a reputable store.  Very quickly he browsed online to find a store and on the same day, we chose one and had it delivered the following week. To this moment, I am still scratching why Vincent would buy such an expensive gift for me so willingly.  This is very unusual of him. What did I do that day? Is it possible to repeat what I did? Hmmmm (engaging in deep thoughts).

Anyways, picking up playing was not easy after all these years.  My hands were inflexible and they were like foreign entities.  20 to 30 minutes a day of practice is max because of the two kids. I practiced right hand for a few days, then left hand. When both hands were combined, random notes from the left hand started to make sense and music came to life magically.

Marriage is like playing piano, the melody is not complete with either hand. But when both hands are in sync playing at the same rhythm, amazing songs can be heard. May I become a beautiful soundtrack of life to Vincent, playing the same chords in the years to come.

Summer Footprint:

This is the song I am practicing now, Loure by J.S Bach.   These are not my hands, I wish, ha ha.  I just search this music piece on youtube to learn how to play. I am barely half way through practicing this song. Happy listening.

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