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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Five.  That’s the number of times I have applied to Starbucks. I did not expect it to be so difficult to land a part time job as a Bearista.  What’s wrong with me? It’s starting to get personal. The first time I was logged out of the system because I filled out the online form incorrectly. The second time I send in my full resume, then the third time I deleted my graduate degree, the forth time my work experience was cut to a bare minimal, then my last resume was nothing left but my volunteer experience and a college degree. Still, I am in square one and get no response.

Looking at this piece of paper with all the experience, abilities and qualifications, I feel so…...simplified, for lack of a better term. The first impression of me in a professional world in the past twenty years defined by 200+ words, how limiting this can be. If there is another format of writing resume, I wish I could say something like: My name is Summer but I am not born in summer and my sister’s name is not winter.  You are probably spinning how to pronounce my last name (Ng) also.  It’s ____.  Yes, it’s a painful last name to carry around but got stuck with it since birth. Too often, I have many spontaneous ideas, yet too lazy to follow through. I am extremely forgetful and have lost countless things. It is my belief that my head will probably end up in one of those lost and found stations if it weren’t connected to my neck. Comprehension is not my strongest and I do not get jokes. I would laugh but in the back of my mind thinking why is it so funny? I wish I have bigger eyes but they seem to work just fine. Being judgmental is a personal disease and recently had a watershed moment that it’s a burden to carry.  I try to do the right things for my kids but lack the patience needed. Above all, I have many weaknesses and if there is one word that can define me perfectly, it’s “sinner.” Only the blood of Jesus Christ can square my debt.  There is no way around it, only through it. Finally, when the end draws near and it’s my turn to come face to face with God, it will be my pinnacle of achievement to say that I have fulfilled His purpose for me in this life.  

That’s my version of the resume, what’s yours?

Summer's Footprint:

will work as food

(Due to Mr. Smarty Pig's grammatical mistake, he lands a job in the food industry) 

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