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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Love of My Car-Volkswagen Minivan

Since young (not too long ago, folks), Volkswagen minivan has been my dream car. Its retro style accompanied by the cute chubby cheek front is like a clueless cartoon car running on the road. A van with curtains and table and people can sit around to play cards! Who can top that? It would put its potential to full use if I give birth to half a dozen live born, throw them in and leave them smacking each others' heads off.

Kidding aside, from where I came, Hong Kong, I don't recall ever seeing such a cute Volkswagen minivan on the street.  However, I am used to riding this kind of van along a mountain curve to my elementary school.

These minivans are one of the public transportation in Hong Kong. There are red ones and green ones and they cover different areas. Some drivers could be quite reckless and the school ride was more like a roller coaster ride to me. Once in a while, to avoid being thrown off the seat, I needed to hold on to the rail and/or the person next to me, with my ever powerful tiger grip. Roar ))))))))

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