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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaching $$$

As the new year rolls, here's to the first check off to my list of things to try- venturing the world of selling on ebay . I am sure I am such a huge dork to abundant geeks out there, but I like trying out new things and that's what I'm gonner do.

What happen was I got this mini bluetooth keypad with a few other electronics from a friend of mine when I went to Hong Kong the past October. They had been sitting on my kitchen counter since I came back and bubbling "Sell me, sell me!". Finally last month, I dreaded my camera to take pictures and list them on ebay. Other competitors set the price of this exact mini bluetooth keypad at around $16. Since I have zero selling history with zero seller reviews, I only set the price at $5 with a $5 shipping cost to the buyers for a 3 days bid. Three days later, Wah Wah Wah (music from Debbie Downer), 0 bid and NOT sold. Who said selling on ebay is easy? They are wrong!  Two weeks ago, I decided to re-list the keyboard at $9.99 free shipping. At the end of the 3rd day, the item was  ......     SOLD! Thanks to the power of free shipping and the one cent difference, the selling price was $10.99 with 4 bids, making a profit of....... drum-roll...... $0.69. How come people bid junks from ebay when I watched Jay Leno sold or not sold segment and mine was a pitiful $1 above the asking price? Didn't get it at all. Anyhow, I went to USPS to mail the keyboard the following day and luckily, there was no line.  Albeit the trouble, I was pleased that I sold a product on ebay and the only thing left was a positive review from my buyer to built credibility. Yeah! Good times.

Then a week later, my mailbox came a very familiar sight. The mini keyboard package came haunting back! What?! Apparently, the buyer did not provide a full address and it bounced back.  I contacted the buyer to sent me a full address so that I can repeat the whole darn shipping process. Now that my shipping cost doubled at $9.60, together with the listing cost of $1.30 that I needed to pay ebay, I ended up losing $4.20. 

Although this ebay selling is destined for oblivion when I set the bidding price too low, I consider this as lesson fee required for my first selling experience. As with anything- it comes with a cost.  And that's, my two cents of the day. Kaching Kaching!

Summer Footprint

Today marks the first day of Chinese New Year and this is a year of dragon. May all of you enjoy good wealth as well as good health.

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