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Friday, January 6, 2012

One of my many "first"

Today embarks my first ever public post. Felt like talking to myself in a strange way. It's like writing a journal publicly.  The idea of writing to myself, yet everybody has access to it is quite intriguing.  What am I going to say? "Hi Summer, how's your day?" I guess random things in my mind. I am such an ordinary person, living a rather uneventful life. It would be interesting to find "followers" on my blog. "Would people be interested in what I post?" I wonder. Well, will see...

Today's deal
Target ornaments: 90% off. Original price: $2.0 for one. Got ten of those for $2.0 after sale. 

Good way to stock up and save money with the after Christmas sale. Each year, I buy the clearance ornaments for the following year. Then when I unpack my Christmas decorations I will have brand new ornaments to hang on my Christmas tree.

Happy Rating 1-5: 3     

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