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Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Pick-Up Lines by Guys

The other day I came across a website that list what considered as the best pick-up lines by guys. (Now you know where my time is wasted on) Some examples are: 

When God said, “Let there be woman,” he created you.
Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
You don’t need car keys to drive me crazy.
Don’t stop! I don’t usually get to see beauty in motion.

I wonder how many dudes out there really put the effort to find the best pick up lines in order to make an impression on women. For a moment, I was trying to imagine if a guy said one of those lines to me whether I would feel.....serenaded? What a sexy word! For me, words only count 20% at most, who says them and at what life stage are more imperative. For someone whom I have no connection with, loving words are absolutely set at naught. But the whole scenario will flip around if these words are from a loved one, I may ride an elevated sugar high.  Conversely, if these same words are from someone I've known so long and very familiar with his every nuance, AKA my husband, I would say "Did you eat something wrong today?"

Chemistry of love can be bewildering at times. Somehow it reminds me of this SNL skit from Amy Poehler "I am no Angel". Valentine's day is around the corner. Do you have a plan to serenade your loved one? 

Today's Footprint

Today's footprint is indeed related to foot- sports shoes specifically designed for pregnant women. A one-handed fitting shoes with strap that can expand in length and height. It's about $80 a pair, set to debut next month. Don't know if it would have fit me as I went from size 7.5 to10 when I was pregnant and now I came back at size 8.

shoes designed for pregnant women



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