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Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupy Movement

A few days ago I drove by Irvine City Hall and found maybe 10-20 campers with camping tents and signs on the lawn outside . Didn't have a clear view on what they were protesting and then today when I drove by again all the tents were nowhere to be seen. While I am not keen to specific social issue, this occupy movement is never the less becoming an international phenomenon.

Recently I was planning a local camping trip for this coming summer since I was thinking Keke (my son) will be close to 2 by then and should be able to follow simple instructions. Some hot camping spots need to be reserved more than a few months in advance. In order to express my frustration of sleep deprivation on top of my low metabolism rate which gives me eye sore every time I step on the scale, why not occupy one of the tent sites, post a sign about my dissatisfaction and simply- wait for eviction? I think this may work.

On the other hand, I don't need to think too far. My own living room is currently being occupied by my 15 months old 24/7. Although Keke's vocabulary is limited, his protest is loud and VERY much effective. With his Lightning McQueen ball pit tent, the toys that I inevitably trip over the Nth times, the jail locked fence, not to mention the all time household baby product-alphabet/number foam mat, Keke just brought this occupy movement to a whole new level!

Today's footprint:
Cleaning Bottle Warmer with Lemon:
Bottle warmer is easily filled with copper stains from the constant boiling and the stains are no fun to clean. But after soaking lemon juice+ 1 cup of water overnight, the stains are gone in just a few rubs. Also, it gets rid of the smell of copper and replaced by a scent of refreshing lemon when heating up a bottle. This method also works with hot water dispenser to get rid of the mineral crystal along the wall. Lemon, makes a happy mom :)

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